Anakbayan Southern Tagalog

ANAKBAYAN Southern Tagalog is active in various advocacy to develop a youth and student movement that is responsive to the national democratic aspirations of the Filipino People. Among its initiatives and links are the following:

SAVE OUR EDUCATION MOVEMENT is a Southern Tagalog-based broad alliance of concerned students, youth, parents, teachers and educators, school officials, organizations and other groups and individuals began with the advocacy of safeguarding every Filipino’s constitutionally-guaranteed right to education by campaigning against commercialization of education such as privatization schemes and budget cuts.

SAVE OUR EDUCATION MOVEMENT was re-established in August 2, 2011 in University of the Philippines Los Banos as new rounds of budget cuts are being proposed by the Aquino administration. thus, SAVE OUR EDUCATION MOVEMENT advocates for a Pro-people National budget allocation and intensifies the fight against Aquino administration’s mis-prioritization of education and other basic social services. (For details of the re-establishment, SAVE OUR EDUCATION MOVEMENT Convention).



With the current situation in Quezon province, it is therefore imperative to gather all peace-loving sectors of the society and call to Defend and Save the People of Quezon from Militarization.

This broad formation will be led by different grass roots organizations based in Quezon such as Karapatan or Alliance for the Advancement of Human Rights, PIGLAS (provincial peasant organization in Quezon) and Anakpawis Partylist Chapters in the province.

Regional and national organizations such as Karapatan, BAYAN and KASAMA-TK will also play major parts in the campaign.

Groups and individuals like lawyers, journalists and church people who are active in their advocacy for the defense of human rights from both local and international will also be invited.

They will be organized under the name Save Bondoc Peninsula Movement.


General Objective: Immediately put an end to military abuse in the province of Quezon through the pull-out of military troops in the province.

Particular Objectives:

1. To make the greater public aware of the real reasons behind the large-scale deployment of military troops in Quezon under Oplan Bayanihan.

2. Bring to justice the perpetrators of the human rights violations and the indemnification of their victims.

3. Gather the broadest support for the victims in the form of legal assistance, material/financial support and the like.


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