About US

ANAKBAYANANAKBAYAN is the most Comprehensive National Democratic Mass Organization of Filipino Youth. It is comprehensive because it aims to unite all Filipino youth of different social classes, thus it seeks to arouse, organize and mobilize young farmers, workers, students, professionals, fisherfolks, women, minorities and church people, among others. It is national democratic because it upholds National Democracy for the pursuit of national liberation from that of foreign domination of US Imperialism and of its local appendages, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism.

It is open to all Filipino youths (ages 13-35 yrs. old) as long as they are willing to actively uphold the Program of the Organization.

The National Democratic Struggle seeks to realize true national liberation for the country and the realization of the democratic rights of the people.

ANAKBAYAN’s Southern Tagalog chapter was first established in 1999 at the University of the Philippines Los Banos.

Visit Anakbayan’s official webite at www.anakbayan.org.


3 Comments on “About US”

  1. Mahalin Ang Bayan Foundation, Inc. (MABFI) says:


    MAHALIN ANG BAYAN FOUNDATION, INC. (MABFI) is in need of only 500,000 true-country-loving Filipinos, from all walks of life, to spearhead the beginning of the true Philippine Economic Revival that will place our country in its rightful place in the LEAGUE of NATIONS. This economic revival could be attained thru technology application that will result to rapid industrialization.

    We also aim to search, help, and provide support to people with exceptional talents in all aspects of human endeavor: in arts, culture, and in particular in science and technology. MABFI’S goal is for these exceptional people to attain excellence in their field of endeavor. Thus, promote breakthrough that can fuel the fast industrialization of the country; hence, the MASSES will enjoy a better life, better quality food on their table, and a better chance for good quality education- “ONE for ALL, ALL for JUAN”.

    Presently, MAHALIN ANG BAYAN FOUNDATION INC. is supporting the SKYLA PROJECT, an engineering breakthrough in Renewable Energy Power generation that can provide the major solutions to the Global Energy Crisis (PEAK OIL- diminishing supply of FOSSIL FUEL) and Climate Change. Let us all show our love for MOTHER EARTH and love for our country; not only in word but also in DEED. The future of our children, our children’s children will all depend on what we will do or will not do now. Be a part of MANKIND’S QUEST FOR SURVIVAL…

    VISIT, STUDY, and SPREAD, GLOBALLY: http://www.mahalinangbayan.com


  2. MABFI is requesting to be allowed to show the PowerPoint presentation of the project to the TRUSTEES of BAYAN.

  3. Wilma Celubrico says:



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