Never forget HR abuses in ML era, pledge for strike—nationalists

A newspaper in 1972 announcing to the public Marcos' declaration of Martial Law

Anti-budget cut campaigners join Martial Law victims today in a solidarity march to recall human rights abuses during the ‘grim days’ of Martial law era and make this known to the present generation, said Anakbayan Spokesperson Francis Desembrana.

“The objective is not only to grieve over these dark memories of our country, but to enable us to remain vigilant with any form of political persecution that brings back a Martial Rule—declared or undeclared,” Desembrana continued.

Umalohokan, Inc., an organization established during Martial Law era in 1977, presents a street theatrical performance in the solidarity program showing a student leader being abducted and tortured.

“We depend much on anecdotes from people who lived during martial law for us, the youth, to know what had happened then. If people become mouthpiece of the dictator telling us Marcos’ ‘New Society’ brought progress to the country, we will remind them and retell instead over and over the myriad of human rights abuses even to students like us that took place during the martial law era,” said Christelle Tiquis, one of the actors in the performance. Tiquis is a Freshman student in UP Los Banos and a convenor of the Save Our Education Movement.

Save Our Education Movement, a Southern Tagalog region-based multi-sectoral alliance campaigning against budget cuts on social services, joined the program and “pay homage to those who died to fight martial law” by reliving the student uprising to fight for higher state subsidy on education and other social services, Allen Lemence, the alliance’s spokesperson, said.

“Our participation in the strikes until Sept. 23 against oil price hikes and budget cuts on social services is the best way for the youth to honor those who advanced the unwavering struggle for National Democracy as a just political cause during the Martial Law era,” Desembrana furthered.

Save Our Education Movement pledges to join the strike against budget cuts on social services. A nation-wide strike will take place on Sept. 23.

The students participated in the Sept. 19 nationwide transport strike led by PISTON. They also join the call of a broader alliance Kilos Na Laban sa Budget Cuts (Act Now Against Budget Cuts) for campus strikes on Sept. 23. ###


Reference:         Allen Lemuel Lemence

Spokesperson, Save our Education Movement


Mark Vincent Baracao and Beverly Laguartilla

Media desk, Save Our Education Movement | 09352986944; 09358676334

Facebook: Save Our Education Movement


                                Strike Lead

Facebook: CEGP Pambansang Opisina


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